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Linn's Funeral Home was started in Iowa Falls by Leonard L. Linn in 1958. Leonard and his son Leonard J. Linn [Lenny] formed a corporation in 1986 a few years after Lenny received his license to practice mortuary science in Iowa. Lenny and his wife Jean purchased the assets of the corporation in 1991.

Just as important as the product you choose are the people you choose to help make it.

Linn's Funeral Home specializes in sales of all sizes, colors, shapes, and styles of monuments; and a wide range of markers, including bronze markers and wall plaques.

Iowa Falls
1521 Washington Avenue
Iowa Falls, IA 50126
Funeral Announcements - 641-648-5442

903 Cerro Gordo Street
Ackley, IA 50601
211 Main Street
Alden, IA 50006